Welcome to the Vintage Binding Co; a company providing unique, unusual and handmade notebooks created by up-cycling and rebinding vintage novels.

"In a world where everything is slowly turning digital, and we seldom pickup a pen more often than we touch a keyboard, writing in a notebook has never been so important or rewarding. It gives you time out to sit down, an opportunity to really think about the important things, and to read your own words whilst connecting with your thoughts..."

Handmade, Up-cycled Vintage Notebooks made in the UK

We love to give old books a new lease of life; to be used, written in and poured over and not just gathering dust in attics.

Each book is hand bound using the ‘perfect’ binding method. There will be some pages taken from the original book, and then bound together with plain paper for you to write on. This paper is then encased in the original book cover, spine and all, so you can carry it around like a normal notebook. Below you can see a book made for our chief binder Florence, a vintage Photography book for her to scribble notes in at her client meetings! 

Vintage Wedding Guest Books

This same process is also used to created bespoke vintage wedding guest books, meaning you can incorporate a love of all things vintage and literature into your wedding day. They’re a unusual, unique and an alternative answer to having a written record of your day, joining the traditional guest book style with something vintage and personal.

"I just wanted to thank you for the most wonderful wedding guest book I could have hoped for. It is absolutely wonderful and the finish and craftsmanship are superb. Even the packaging was amazing! 

You've created a unique and interesting product & given a characterful old book another lease of life - It's wonderful" 

Adam & David, October 2016

"I just received the notebook in the mail yesterday. It really looks amazing! It was exactly what I was hoping it would be. Thank you so very much for your hard work on it!"
 Jillian Linder, US Customer