Eco Friendly Notebooks Handmade in the UK

Whilst creating my notebooks and wedding guestbook commission I am very conscious of how I use materials in the world around me and creating sustainable and eco-friendly products that not only look good, but do good.



I try to source paper that would other wise be going to scrap, using companies who have regular off cuts of paper that would be otherwise be thrown away or recycled. Sometimes these have light indentations on them, or may be a slightly different colour to the rest of the pages in the book, which is part of it's eco-charm and journey of the notebooks previous life.


Nearly all the books are sourced from charity shops (which are mostly overwhelmed by vintage books that sadly just don't sell) car boots sales, jumble sales, house clear outs from friends or families, and second hand book shops where they are usually sold for no more than £1. I check to make sure I am not cutting up a valuable first edition of anything by accident, and only use books I think would otherwise be thrown away or unloved. The exception to this is if I have to source a particular book for a commission.


I try to use ALL offcuts of paper and even spare pages of the books that I don't use - in the form of greetings cards, and map and book page bunting. I save up lovely illustrations or colour plates for future commissions that might like them too. Anything that can't be used is recycled.  


Every item that I order online (where it can't be purchased locally) comes in padded enveloped, boxes and other packaging materials. I try my best to reuse these when sending out the notebooks and commissions so although the envelope it arrives in may not be pristine and new, this is because I reuse as much as possible to save waste and also delivery of new packaging supplies.