Wedding Guest Book Commission

One of my current book commissions I’ve been working on is another wedding guest book. I’ve really enjoyed this as the bride gave me some more ideas of extra things she wanted to be included, not just pages from the original book. As they are both from Manchester and Manchester features in their wedding invitations they wanted something that represented that. Therefore I got on eBay and sourced some vintage maps of Manchester to include in their book.

With my stamping kit I have also stamped some questions onto the pages to encourage their guests to write words of wisdom. The stamp kit I use is fantastic as it has different sizes, upper and lower case and can be changed in and out of the holders easily, meaning I can play about with what I print!

I am also going to be embossing their initials and date of the wedding in gold on the cover, which I think will stand out beautifully against the blue. As this book has a lot of pages I am also going to be putting in some of their wedding photographs afterwards on the spare ones, meaning they have a complete record of their day through other people’s words and their images.

I’m really excited to get this all bound next week and finished off to give to them before their wedding! I sourced the book itself from an antique bookshop on eBay and am really pleased with it. It’s got a lot of useful (if outdated!) marriage advice! Some selected pages have been rebound with the plain ones to give the couple an insight into what the book held before. 

To see a video of another wedding guest book I have made please see this link. If you are interested in commissioning me to make a guest book for you, or have another idea in mind, please email