Vintage Notebook Restock 

I’ve been pretty quiet lately whilst working on other things, but i’m getting back into the swing on it to restock after the Royal Exchange exhibition and for the upcoming Victoria Baths Craft Fair. If you’re Manchester based you really should check out Victoria Baths, for the fair but also in general! It’s an old swimming baths which still has the pool in place (although no water!) and vintage changing rooms with striped curtains. The perfect place for a photo shoot too…

As it’s getting into wedding season too I’m also starting to make more albums and guest books, videos about how I make these can be seen here. 

The books I’ve got coming into stock next week include two really lovely What Katy Did books (one pictured!), The Queen’s Resolve (a history of the queenie and great present for the monarchy lovers amongst us) and a beautiful illustrated “Book of Enchantments and Curses.”