Little by Little

I’ve been working so hard the last week and just finished off 7 new books for my shop, as well as designing a new wedding guest book commission a wonderful personalised order too. (video coming on that this weekend!) Each one is made with a huge amount of care and attention to detail, making them totally unique and original pieces.

For those of you who know Manchester I’m also very happy to say I’m going to be in a craft exhibition at Manchester Royal Exchange in April too, an opportunity to see them up close. 

Here are my top three favourites of the new stock, and I’ve got another really lovely favourite Charles Dickens notebook still in the press! If you like what you see and have a book or a person in mind drop me an email at

 Beautiful handwritten poetry scribblings of the previous owner… the book is full of annotations they’ve made on the romantic poetry! 

De tout son âme is a French novel that has an absolutely beautiful cover. A truly romantic notebook. 

The Reader’s Digest  is a compilation of stories featuring much loves authors such as hans Christian Anderson and Beatrix Potter. The cover is a deep wine red and beige with gold lettering.

A book about birds is a vintage book writing about all things related to our feathered friends. There’s also some old adverts in there!

More information and titles can be found on my Etsy shop - including the classic novel Anna Karenina.