Hello new stock...

I’ve been so busy through January that replenishing stock on my online shop after Christmas has shamefully taken something of a back seat. Although it may have been a while some of these notebooks are, however, totally worth the wait.

All my items are available to purchase on my Etsy shop (while I’m still working on setting up my website!)

This beautiful old book is about the systems of play in Roulette. It dates back to 1910 and features some interesting tips as well as a few vintage adverts too. The book is well loved but a perfect piece of useable history for anyone who fancies a flutter. 

Rural England - A guide for Farmers is wonderful book about all things agriculture. In between the plain pages for your scribbles there are black and white photos as well as text, and the original stamp says it came from Welshpool County Intermediate School for Boys. 

This one’s so lovely it deserves an inside and an outside picture. It looks like it used to be an old journal that was used for some kind of book keeping. The pages are hand written in and date back to the 1930s. The cover is dark blue leather like with gold embossing on. This was bought in a second hand book stall in Chorlton, Manchester. 

All these are totally one off, unique books and there is nothing like it in the whole wide world (that I’ve seen). You’re not just buying a notebook, you’re buying a piece of history that has been lovingly re-bound so it can be used again. I also take commissions so if you like what I do, send me an email (hello@thevintagebindingco.com) and I can find (virtually!) any book and do the same thing.