About 6 weeks back I got a very interesting commission land in my inbox. Someone had found my website and been inspired by the notebooks that I made, and wanted to create something of a similar vein for a talk that they would be doing on the phycology of finance, in an old library in Edinburgh. After talking through whether it was best to up cycle an original book or make them from scratch we decided to keep in line with the location and original inspiration so I sourced 3 books from eBay that were appropriate.

The end results is similar to my notebooks in style, but are much larger than I would usually make them, and have been embossed on the covers with the title of the talks and the company name. Inside there were a few pages that had ‘’key words’ printed and when the time comes in the speech the client will open to that page and show his audience. It was something so totally different and presented a few new challenges to me when making it but I’m really happy with the outcome.

It’s something that can be used, looked at for years to come and a great 3D way of holding the audiences attention. Also the books won’t look at all out of place at the library where they’ll live!

For any commissions please do send me an email athello@thevintagebindingco.com to see what I can do for you.