A vintage wedding guest book is my most recent commission, excuse the shaky hands on this short video. The book is made from a vintage wedding book bought from eBay, and then rebound by myself, combining some of the original pages with beautiful illustrations with high quality plain paper for the guests to write in. The book would have originally been in a church for people to write their names and the date of their marriage in - some of the hand written dates in the book go back to 1809! It’s a beautiful example of taking something with so much history, and up-cycling and reusing it for something in the modern day. 

I’m extremely pleased with the outcome for this as I spent a lot of time resourcing the right materials, and a lot of time making sure the precision and quality was the best. As you can see I also gilded their initials and the date in gold on the cover too, to add an even more personal touch. 

If you, or someone you know, is getting married soon and would really appreciate a completely unique, one off wedding guest book please contact me for a quote.