Charles Dickens Wedding Guestbook - Vintage Wedding Guest Book Ideas

Vintage Wedding Unique Guest Book Ideas - Charles Dickens 

I love LOVED making this special book for Simon & Simon, especially because I am also photographing their wedding too! They're getting married in Shropshire at Delbury Hall next month and it's going to be an absolute joy.

They wanted to pick a classic vintage novel for their starting point and what better author than Dickens. They then chose maps from their respective hometowns, as well as the city their son was born in to intersperse between the original pages and the blank ones. 

This is also the first guest book I've bound in a slight different way, making it stronger than ever. I've learnt a new technique which involves sawing into the book (as scary as it sounds!) and then laying in twine to help keep the pages together. 

If you're looking for a vintage wedding guest book idea or a Charles Dickens wedding guest book please do get in touch!




Florence Fox