2014 Round up...

The Vintage Binding Co. in 2014

Pictured are some of my favourite notebooks I’ve made this year.

As the end of the year is nearly upon us and I am spending a cold blustery night in bed blogging, I feel I really ought to pay tribute and thanks to all the good things that have come my way this year.

The strongest contender for  'defining moment’ of the year, is probably my Simple Things article. Being featured in a national magazine really gave me the confidence boost I needed to think ‘Hey, yeah, maybe I’m not doing so bad after all’.

When you work for yourself, especially when you’re self taught, there is often a constant element of doubt. Am I doing the right thing? What if I fail? Should I just give it up and get a steady job? It’s impossible not to feel like this sometimes and I feel ever so slowly, this year, these feelings have been ebbing away in me. 


Due to this, and Christmas and my excellent (almost accidental!) SEO I have seen a steady and huge increase over the last twelve months. I’ve been selling much more to the States too which gives me good feelings :)

I also began stocking on Not on the Highstreet which is different to websites such as Folksy and Etsy as you have to be approved to sell on there. They have a much stricter criteria and set of selling rules, but they have a sold customer base and it was really great to be able to reach those people through it. 


What’s new in 2015?

I am dedicating to building up stock (I’ve sold out of everything now with crazy christmas orders!) to make sure I am totally ready next time Christmas rolls around (yes thinking about it already). I also want to do some much bigger craft fairs, especially in Nov/Dec time and make sure I have enough stock to give a 

I also want to look at advertising my wedding guest books on a blog/doing a giveaway. I really love making these guest books - they’re such a unique and special thing to have on your wedding day. As far as I can gather (i’ve done my research) there’s no-one that does what I do either (up-cycling vintage books and rebinding with plain pages) so I’m really trying to focus on reaching out to my prospective client base. 

Although what I do is pretty eco-friendly I am trying to source my paper from companies who would other wise be throwing it away (printers, large office companies, etc) to make me even more sustainable and make you guys feel even better by buying one of my products. 


Finally, I have currently got a Survey monkey questionnaire up about my binding website. I would appreciate it so much if you could take a few minutes to do this! I spend so much time on my website it can be easy to lose sight of how other people view it when they click for the first time. It’s all anonymous so say whatever you like!

I want to say a huge thank you to any one who has bought one my books, shared one of my photos on my Facebook page, read my blog posts, spread the word and told their friends, or just said something nice and encouraging. It means the absolute world to me.